What Has Science Done?

Monday, June 20, 2005

Inspiration and Procrastination

Anyone having gone through college knows how problematic both of these things can be, especially when intertwined, and for an egg-head in training like myself, I start a blog to comment on metascience studies. I cannot say that I am filling a necessary niche in the blogosphere, but hey this is my little corner of the web and I will waste it the way I want.

And who do I blame for distracting me from writing papers about the comparative reception of Freudian psychoanalysis and the various problems with the concept of scientific revolutions? Creationists! Yes rather then withering my life away playing hours of Everquest I spend my waking hours scanning the Thumb and laughing at silly IDers. For personal experience, I happen to be at a talk with physics nobelist and eccentric fellow, Prof. Robert Laughlin right around the time well-known grandstander Bill Dempsey cared to quote his new book, in a way Prof. Laughlin was none too happy about. I understand that Laughlin knows his stuff when it comes to condensed matter physics, but as commented elsewhere, he seems to be a bit out of realm when commenting on epistemology and biology.

This past semester I found myself in a tiff with some conservative Catholics on campus regarding Evolution and Faith, and yes more eminent posters then I have beaten this subject to death, but it was my first time seeing it up close. With no discussion of the actual science, lots of comments on the dangers of materialism (though not the type everyone there thought), and the kicker of "well evolution is just a theory," I couldn't help but walk out shaking my head in disappointment. It was a failure on two parts, for the science was mangled and the Church was represented as having a problem with evolution. Sigh. So the march of progress goes on.

I must thank Charles Alt over at Philosophy of Biology for giving me the final push I needed in starting this "thing." Also I promise to actually write about more interesting things, well that's definitely relative, in later postings