What Has Science Done?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Let the guessing game...continue

With recent posts, here and here, about how the Intelligent Design movement is gaining steam and "evolution is bankrupt," I cannot help but wonder who these mysterious scientists are. Well, some have already gone over this and playing the game over and over has its limits. So let me be the first one to ask AGAIN, who are these renowned scientists that can only transmit their disdain for Evolutionary Biology via Bill Dembski. Please, oh purveyor of all wisdom, tell us. I would love, personally to chat with these individuals, and it might make ID seem more than just a cheap intellectual version of three-card monty.

I also would like to add myself to the list of snarky commenters who are not allowed to post anymore on Dembski's website. Eh, I am just small fry. But I do smile, having been annoying and succinct enough to merit removal of my last post and the deletion of my account. Maybe I am just tired and cranky. Maybe.